Alexandru Rarancian
brewer of «Beermaster Brewery»

— «Beer of Moldova 2017» — is a unique opportunity to taste 59 sorts of beer from 11 producers. All the competing production was divided into eight categories, such as pale, dark and special lager, (Рale Аle), pale and dark ale, wheat beer, special beer, and home brew.(Номе Вrew). The production «BEERMASTER BREWERY» was represented in five nominations. As the result, two awards have been won, haven’t they?..

-That’s right. Even in the previous 2016 our pale ale BEERMASTER 110 ALE became the best one in its category. At the same time, in the current autumn the production of our company was recognized as the winner in simultaneously two nominations from fives ones. This honor was given to BEERMASTER IPA in the category of pale ale and BEERMASTER OAKED ALE in the category dark ale. The creation of competitive production is, indeed, a team work. Nearby there are gifted and persistent specialists that are ready to work with inspiration getting experience and knowledge under my guidance. Such guys represent important and significant part of the total success potential.

I was a part of the close-knit team, and altogether we had been brewing beer being spearheaded by Vitalie Cumurciuc (chief manufacturing) when succeeded in winning over two premises Beer of Moldova 2017. I also felt tremendous joy because was personally concerned in the conquering prestigious awards. This success has come to us quite consistently, as the result of great creative searches and findings, the product of enthusiasm and seeking, considerations and true actions.

My considerations are the following ones. Isn’t it amazing when a beverage and its creators reach the borders of recognition. This is a magnificent factor that represents a sign of company team maturity. Finally, I am convinced that not only professionalism and accelerated technologies are crucially important but also loyalty, trust, and ability to see the preferences of those who like beer and are aware of its peculiarities.

I am sincerely happy that we are able to win! I see a good sign for company in the awards winning. Nevertheless, high motivation of my participation in the beer brewing processes is not only based on the mentioned components of the creative inclination…

I do also have a feeling of the personal involvement into the brewing of new sorts of god-inspired beverage!


Our big love and passion to hop allowed us to create this sort of beer called IPA. Historically, India Pale Ale appeared in XVIII century when English brewers started exporting beer in India. This beer was full of hop containing more alcohol so as to live out the continual trip that had been lasted 4-5 months in average (particularly, hop acted as the natural preservative.
BEERMASTER IPA is brewed with the rich addition of hop during the brewing process and at the final stage of fermentation. As the result, India Pale Ale turns out to become a beer with the wild and strong type of selected hop that excites feelings with its deep, a bit pungent taste, with a pleasant bitterness at the end which elaborates this truly integral beer.
ЭThis pale ale in American style, with golden color and quite pleasant taste of the flavored hop possesses a fruits aroma with caramel and flower shadows.

BEERMASTER OAKED ALE is the challenge to the traditions
BEERMASTER Oaked Ale is the aggressive beer. You will not, definitely, like it. That’s wonderful that you have got taste and sophistication so as to appreciate the beer of such quality and level.

Those who are passionate about beer search for the quality with individual tastes interactions. To produce individual sorts of beer, we should have little breweries. In the world there are numerous brewing factories with huge automated industrial capacities, however, there are also small local breweries where true masters work who personally look after all the processes. The main distinction of beer BEERMASTER OAKED ALE is that it has been brewed, as well as at numerous Czech local breweries, in compliance with the law of little brewing. Its special, well-recognized taste and oak aroma reached in the process of new bear fermentation nearly six weeks in oak barrels is, definitely, triumph of an experienced Master over the totally automated industrial technologies.

Tatiana Mehodueva
brewer in SRL «Beermaster Brewery»

— In your opinion, what guaranteed success?

— Well, I don’t know. I am always interested in what others do. Beer is the same process typical for everybody. All of them have only four ingredients. To my mind, the main success factor is our attention to the actions of sophisticated friends and rivals. As it has already been said, we bring a special significance to the high quality of ingredients.

I know that there are several things which influence is substantially important for us. So, we concentrate on them and really try to look after all those things. However, what is our difference, reserves and preferences? We are only happy to brew a good beer being lucky that judges at the competitions liked it. It was a bright flight that lends wings motivating to tend higher and further in the future!

Paul Chircă, , engineer technologist in SRL «Beermaster Brewery»

— What are the common characteristics that you are striving for in the production of your beer?

— I tend to pretty clear and accented tastes. I like to achieve a balance of taste parameters, but that they are clearly pronounced. I think, and I am sure that in such principles the idea of crafts beer is: stay brave and be more interesting, more pungent than the usual beer. It does not always mean making the strongest beer, but, regardless of style, try to extract as much flavor from it as possible, and still work with all the other elements of the drink.
Many people love their homogeneous industrial beer. It does not always inspire me, because although our beer can have more residual sugar, I balance it with hop and other elements. It may still not be sweet, but this beer is definitely not as homogeneous as the sorts that people are used to these days. On the other hand, I’m just trying to get more flavor and flavor to create a balanced beer.

Vitalie Cumurciuc, chief manufacturing in SRL «Beermaster Brewery»

— Your company was extremely successful in terms of awards at the “Beer of Moldova 2017”. How can you explain this new step forward and upwards? What is so important in what you cook what gives you real chances to gain recognition and consumer confidence?

– I think success does not come by chance as it is always inherent in our style of BEERMASTER. I believe that a large number of beer brands produced in the country often lacks properly thought-out taste qualities, their balance.

– I think success does not come by chance as it is always inherent in our style of BEERMASTER. I believe that a large number of beer brands produced in the country often lacks properly thought-out taste qualities, their balance.

Perhaps it is the desire to strengthen the reputation of the company with more than a century of tradition (1906-th year of foundation!), and as a result we become really focused on getting excellent beer. Surely, we are just a small brewery, and we do not have some quality control elements that some larger breweries can boast of. We do not have all the extensive technological tools that brewery-giants use, so we are paving the way to success quite traditionally, again and again tasting and evaluating our own beer.

I strive to rally the collective and for this purpose once or twice a week I invite the entire brewery team to a dialogue. Together we taste beer, talk about its properties and develop a common opinion – in which direction to move on…

I always try to understand how today to make our product better than before. If every day and constantly do not try to improve beer, you can lose not only the former quality, but most importantly – the prospect of development. If you always stick to the same recipe, you will suddenly feel that everything is going downhill…

The main principle of my philosophy of growth and development is that all our work must be permeated and impregnated by the indomitable desire to make BEERMASTER beer even better!..

I would like to take this opportunity to say the words of gratitude to all those who appreciate and give their preference to our products.

Entering new 2018, don’t forget to take with you joy and love, luck and good beer!

Happy New Year!