In recent years, seasonal beers have gained great popularity among manufacturers of craft beer. In recent years, seasonal beers have gained great popularity among manufacturers of craft beer. «freshhop» or «green hop», are made from wet hops, freshly harvested crops, which should be used as quickly as possible, since it is a perishable product.

Brewers of the local craft brewery “BEERMASTER BREWERY” from Beltsy created a new concept “BEERMASTER FRESH HOP CONCEPT” – fresh beer fresh beer with freshly harvested hops grown in the region of Zatec (Czech Republic).

We talked to the guys who make beer to know more about them.

Vitalie Cumurciuc, chief manufacturing in SRL «BEERMASTER BREWERY»


– This new type of beer is cooked with the addition of freshly picked hops. The main idea is to use wet hops during the boiling process, as soon as possible after harvest, at the very peak of freshness. Taking into account the fact that fresh hop has a gentle, green character, it is better to use it for light camp beer. By the way, it is great to reward the generosity of the crop. Fresh hops add sharpness, sharpness, awe and transfer the energy of chlorophyll, which cannot be felt trying the standard beer.

So, let’s evaluate the concept of “BEERMASTER FRESH HOP CONCEPT” as an art and a live process, which, we hope, is reflected in beer.

We bring this still “wet” fresh hops to Moldova from the region of Zatec (Czech Republic), where it is added to beer right after harvest to get this particular beer flavor.

— When you come up with a new beer, is it more focused on the variation in the area of ingredients or still on the search for style?

– When we are going to create a new beer, we first determine the basic style.

We tell ourselves, for example, that we intend to create a light ale. It can be a lighter beer, either a strong American IPA, or simply a lager. It might as well be English IPA or intoxicating Belgian light ale. This is a tremendously broad approach.

We start with this, and then decide what, in our opinion, will work well and get perfectly combined. Only then do we understand what our final product is going to look like.

We have learned to imagine the future grade of beer as if layer wise.

We study the aroma, presenting in advance how the beer will smell. Then we consider how it looks in the glass, deciding whether it is going to become light or slightly clouded. As well, we have to judge whether it is going to be black as night, or bright, clear, perfectly transparent and especially light…

First we look at beer, and then, after judging it, try to predict how thousands of connoisseurs of the divine drink will feel the novelty. We wonder if the new beer is going to get heavy. Do you need to enrich it with bubbles of carbon dioxide? Will customers feel aftertaste in the mouth or should it disappear quickly? How relevant would it be alcoholic heat? Isn’t it better to create a low-alcohol variety?

We look at all possible components of the creative influence on the created variety and, knowing our ingredients, we try to achieve harmony and balance in harmony, to determine the optimal combination of taste and other factors that will lead to the desired results. Sometimes we start to work as if in a retrospective genre, that is, we return to the previous one, moving in the opposite direction. We take a fresh look at the beer that we used to make earlier, and, placing new organoleptic accents, we sort out the options until we reach a convincing result. That’s right, and in a sweet and laborious quest for truth, a new beer is born.

— Could you tell us more about how beer is brewed today? What is the practical philosophy of brewing?

– First of all, I start with a desire, and this is not just a trivial answer. This is a very serious process. Its basic, fundamental component is my and our common indomitable desire to make really good beer. For me and colleagues, this work is like art. How many artists do what they call an act of creativity, motivated only by the desire to make money? In our craft, such a primitive motivation would clearly not be enough.

In addition, although formally I am considered to be the leading brewer of the enterprise, but every time I feel that it’s not I who manages the birth of beer, but it itself shows generosity and condescension, again and again choosing the protagonist for such a special role-mission. There is no rational explanation why I got a gift, a certain sense in understanding what I’m doing, why somewhere from heaven comes the happy opportunity to translate the recipe of the idea into a finished product that people like…

Iurie Pîntea, commercial director in SRL «BEERMASTER BREWERY»

– How could you explain the team enterprise success?

— I am assured that everybody who works here are proud of their personal involvement into all things done everyday. Passion to the work and loyalty towards everything produced here are reflected in beer. We are making crafts beer that is considered hand-made. We are focused only on the quality of our beer. We don’t have huge marketing budgets or PR agents that develop marketing strategies. As well, we don’t have any paid bloggers and don’t order expensive comments in the social media for our promotion. Everything we are doing is done only by our hands. Everything we have reached is achieved only by our labor.

When our guys create new recipes they never think about commercial success or tendency to attract target groups and involve them into consuming of production of SRL BEERMASTER BREWERY. The creativity is caused by the desire to create such a beverage which each of us wants to bring into the everyday or even festive ration of the friendly communication in a circle of true friends.

Paul Chircă, technical engineer in SRL «BBEERMASTER BREWERY»

— What is the best advice which you have received in the area of brewery?

— With great gratitude I recall an advice of my Czech tutor and teacher Zdenek Subrt, one of the most sophisticated brewing masters in the company BEERMASTER BREWERY. In the period of our close professional communication I was lucky enough to put forward numerous questions to maestro Zdenek.

I remember the moment when he had learnt about motives of the factory executives to give me a chance to join the work of brewer at BEERMASTER BREWERY. Zdenek Subrt provided a novice with some common and universal piece of advice. Particularly, he said: ‘Attention should be given to details! In everything!’ Then he repeated after the words articulated. Next, the accomplished professional added: ‘I am thinking about it a lot because sometimes you get an unattainable luxury for the brewer to fart through silk, relax a bit or act indecisively and inaccurately. However, if you can simply focus on the details and stay assured that technological process has been lasting perfectly at each of its stages and at any moments, you will make an absolutely good beer’.

– How do you see the philosophy of brewing?

– Here I will repeat again that the maximum attention should be paid to detail. It is important for us to let each of new beers become better. To achieve this strategic goal, we pay close attention to all food ingredients, ensuring that our malt is the best, so that quality could be the best, too! ..

We manage to achieve our goals, as we closely monitor how different yeast strains work and develop their life cycles, we persistently study at what temperatures they ferment and give the most desirable results.

Ștefan Pospolachi, sales manager in SRL «BEERMASTER BREWERY»

– What does craft beer mean for you?

– Craft beer means that manufacturers have a true honest commitment to the technologies of creating an excellently made, first-class product. The handicraft really represents a small-scale, heart warmed production product, and together with colleagues I hope that this segment of the brewing industry will keep its modest output volumes. Let the craft beer never become the dominant brand or hit of sales and let it retain the status of a rare highlight, which does not pretend to be mass super popularity and super-profit!

Alexandru Rarancian,

– In your opinion, what is the mission of BEERMASTER BREWERY? BREWERY»?

– Everything really happens within the framework of the struggle with ordinary selfishness: “How can we do for a living with beer that personally we would like to drink?” That’s the essence of what is happening. The beer that we want to drink is the beer that we produce, and this is something essential from what thousands of our compatriots want for a long time to regular tasting of excellent beer. If you, like us, faithfully love real beer, then we can together continue our self-assertion in this healthy and deeply traditional passion for creating traditional craft beer.

110 Ale, BEERMASTER IPA, MOLDAVIAN LIBERTY ALE and BEERMASTER FRESH HOP CONCEPT are new varieties of individual craft beer, which we have created as the ideal beer for us. In these varieties, we have invested our great passion for creation, which is of supreme importance for us.

We and you like beer, real beer!

I fell in love with beer, because it’s delicious, like a beer. I would have never fallen in love with beer, if it had not been fantastically unique, only resembling the taste of something else!..

Our company and its team are not interested in piquant beer with a crazy taste. We do not have anything against this, but it’s just not what we’d like to do. We are already delighted with everything that has been done here. Moreover, I am sure that we could, actually, create a good or acceptable beer with a pumpkin taste. However, if I and we do not like this idea, how can I make this labor feat a measure and an apotheosis of my abilities and collective success?

Given I like the beer style IPA (Indian light ale that comes from England) and APA (American light ale), I can devote them all my personal mental energy and creative impulse. I’m not saying that the result will be the best, but it will be exactly what I want. If I still do not like the pumpkin beer, I’m not going to do so much effort for his birth and inglorious apotheosis.

– What motivates you to get up early every morning and come here to make beer?

– Well, it’s in my blood. I feel like being the happiest guy in the world, because I do what I like and who also get paid for it. Despite the fact that every day I make beer at our brewery, I am still involved in the development and testing of the recipes for all the beers we produce.

When you make beer and people are delighted, they tell how wonderful it is. Whether you read about it on the site, on social media or they talk about it personally, it’s pretty intoxicatingly pleasant. Glory and joy pushes for new actions. Currently, we are distributing our beer throughout the country, and this positive trend is growing. We are also receiving proposals on exporting to the countries of the near abroad, which make us really happy.